1 magic trick for less fat, better sleep and more money

What a beautiful clickbait title! And yes, it really is that close to magic… So what is the magic trick for less fat, better sleep and more money? The answer will surprise you…! Read it in this blog.

One magic trick for more success

It is actually quite simple. It’s about what you actually do to achieve those results or any other result. Of course, it is quite difficult and complex to decide right now what you’re going to do and to keep that up for the rest of your life, so the magic part is practising a new behaviour for a single month. That’s it. A single month. 

Every year, we hear from people who have started to change their behaviour for Dry January actively. The consequences? They are healthier and feel happier. 

Try it yourself

The most important aspect is that you are actively changing your (old) behaviour. And if you like this new behaviour, great! Keep up the good work. But testing out and trying it for just a month – anybody can do that.

What can you swear off for just a month? What great habits could you test for a single month? And what positive consequences would those have for you?

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