Soft skill development: Which ones are the most important?

Soft skills are truly different from hard skills. Many hard skills focus on a “if X is this, then Y is that” skill. That could also be said for many soft skills, but it’s often not the right way forward.

Many soft skills can be considered meta-skills as well. Those are the skills you’ll always need, in whatever situation you may be. That means that in both your personal and professional life, it’s a good thing to communicate properly, ask for feedback, or keep learning.

Business Insider has asked 14 different CEOs what they think are the most important soft skills, and what they look for in (new) employees. Obviously, most of these soft skills feel like they come naturally. You either have empathy, or you don’t. You are either a naturally good communicator, or you’re not. You either love learning, or you don’t.

Luckily for us, that doesn’t need to stay that way! Many soft skills, much like hard skills, can be taught. Sure, it can require a little more effort from one person to the next, but they can still be taught.

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Written by Stephan Annema, senior partner at

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