Privacy Statement

Privacy statement

Gravity Forms

Our forms are displayed via the plugin Gravity Forms (of Rocketgenius, Inc.)

When sending in a form, the data gets stored in the WordPress database. These data may contain personal data. A form also collects the IP address of users. Martijn Schaap collects these addresses to block potential spammers.

In no way is this information shared with Rocketgenius.

Every form (and every field) is sent to our marketing automation application: Active Campaign. If you accept cookies and send in a form, we also place an Active Campaign cookie. This cookie remembers your interactions and provides us a way to offer you personal and relevant content.

Read the privacy policy of Gravity Forms.

Savvii BV

Our website is hosted at WordPress hoster Savvi BV. Database and website files are stored at Savvi. In this database, also personal data is stored, including data of sent forms. For instance, Name, Job Title, Company Name, Email address, Phone number, Websites, Address, and IP Address.

Read the privacy policy of Savvii BV.

Active Campaign

Our marketing automation application of choice is Active Campaign. This database system stores data of both individuals and companies. Personal data stored may contain Name, Job Title, Company Name, Email address, Phone number, Website, and Address.

When a user accepts cookies, the website will also keeps track of pages visited by the user and will forward it to Active Campaign. This provides us a way to offer you personal and relevant content.

We also send our newsletters and email campaigns via Active Campaign. We keep track of links clicked by individuals, to know which type of content gains the most attention.

Read the privacy policy of Active Campaign.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA4) keeps track of the traffic on our website. With this tool’s help, the website’s performance and the effectiveness of marketing activities are analyzed. GA4 registers among other things:

  • From which location do you visit the website?
  • From which source of traffic do you come to this website?
  • How long do you stay on this website?
  • How many web pages do you look at?  
  • To what degree do you engage with the visited web pages?
  • What kind of device / operating system / browser do you use?
  • Which forms do you fill in? 

GA4 uses IP addresses to connect a continent, country, region and place to a user. IP addresses and personal information are never saved. The data collected is stored for a maximum of 14 months and also processed on servers within the continent where the organization is located. Within the collected data it is (on request) possible to delete the data of a specific user. If you want to prevent the data collection of a website visit, you can install the Google Chrome opt-out browser add-on

The collection and processing of data is anonymized and data will never be collected or processed by third parties. Google can provide information to third parties if Google is legally required to, or as far as third parties process the information on behalf of Google. We have closed a Data Processing Agreement with Google and have forbidden Google to use the obtained analytics information for other services of Google. 

Google Tag Manager

This website uses Google Tag Manager, to manage different (tracking)codes (tag) on our website. Google Tag Manager does not collect any personal data; it only makes sure certain tags get activated.

Data stored on Google’s servers is located in the US.

Google Fonts

The website uses fonts from Google Fonts to ensure that the website matches our house style. When you visit this website, your browser loads these into its cache in order to display text correctly. In order to do this, your browser connects to Google’s servers, so that Google sees that you are visiting our website from your IP address. 

Data stored on Google’s servers is located in the US.


Videos on our website are on some occasions hosted by YouTube, part of Google. YouTube stores your viewing behaviour.

Data stored on Google’s servers is located in the US.


Zapier is used to connect certain services. Data collected in a specific service can be sent to another service via a ‘Zap’ (a connection between two (or more) services). 

As example:

  • Typeform → ActiveCampaign
    • Data collected in a quick scan, will be sent to ActiveCampaign. This includes all filled-in questions, including corresponding personal data, IP address and device data.

Zapier saves the credentials of each service encrypted to execute the zap. This data is only used for zaps.
Zapier’s data is hosted by AWS in the US.


Tracking of third parties

On this website, several tracking codes of third parties are being used, saving the pages a user visited. Third parties can show advertisements based on these visited pages. Services, where these ads are shown, are Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

If you own an account at one of these services, their privacy policy might make it possible to link your profile to your use of our website. Your use of this website might be shared with the services listed below. We do not share personal data with either one of these services.

Google Adwords (privacy policy)
Facebook Ads (privacy policy)
LinkedIn Ads (privacy policy)


In our Cookie Statement you can find an overview of all cookies used on our website.


This Privacy Statement can change. Users will be notified on this website.