The value of our training

How would you like it if every member of your company would continually outperform themselves? We know that when mindset and skill structurally improve, the results follow. facilitates that growth.

The impact we create with our training:

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Higher conversion rate, sustainable relationships, and added value.

Leadership development

Leadership Development

Loyal colleagues, innovative actions, and an inspiring vision.

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Team & Culture Building

Effective communication, empathetic collaboration, and purposeful results.

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Improve your results with optimal sales processes.

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Customer Experience

Customers will start to experience you as a strategic partner.

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You decide the next step to success!

Some minds we moved

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Martijn Schaap Sales training


How would you like it if your commercial results doubled? Tripled? These results require that you do something different from the competition. We teach you the right skills that you won’t get anywhere else.


What is the power of a good leader? Inspire people and enable them to realize the right results independently. Increase your sustainable impact on the organization.

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Leadership development
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Team and culture building

Team &
Culture Building

How well do you work together? Increase the effectiveness and returns of your teams by team building and create a culture that stimulates innovation, development, and growth. You achieve much more together.

How do we work?

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. So if you want to get better results, you will have to do things differently.


Set the

It starts with the end result in mind. Where are you now, and where are you going? When we’ve established the gap, it’s time to build a unique academy for your organization.


Unique training concepts

We stand out with our unique training concepts and their impact on your business. Training on subconscious levels is a central point in the development of participants.



Training is one aspect, but recalling insights is a logical second. That is why we have a digital academy available 24/7 with all the trained concepts for continual repetition and adaptation.

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Martijn Schaap Sales enablement


The first step is to train people. Subsequently, optimization of all involved processes is needed to create the perfect sales cycle. It’s the connection between management, marketing, and sales.


All colleagues who are not directly in sales, but are still in daily contact with customers, are essential for a unique customer experience. We offer them a commercial view from an operational position.

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Martijn Schaap Customer Experience
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Martijn Schaap Open trainingen


You are the connection between your present situation and the success you want to strive towards to. We will support you in that journey. Our open training sessions are ready for anyone who wants to make an impact.

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