Remarkable Customer Experience

Many employees within an organization are in contact with customers, one way or another, and often from an operational point of view. They are of added value for an exceptional customer experience!

Bijzondere customer experience
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Herken opportunities

Recognize opportunities

Operational colleagues are continually in touch with customers and know what’s happening there.

Duurzame relaties

Sustainable relationships

If a supplier is committed to the customer, the relationship becomes more sustainable.

Vergroot het rendement

Increasing returns

We will teach your people to bring in new orders and increase profit.

Some minds we moved


Commercially excellent

Participate in commercial activities and naturally close the right deals.


Unburden customers

Supply more than just capacity – start to unburden your customers!


Increase revenue

A stronger relationship with customers leads to extra orders.

What will you achieve with this training?

How do you enable operational colleagues to recognize, follow up, and close commercial opportunities? You do that by making the customer experience a priority. Every single colleague is a valuable asset to your customers on a daily basis.

What our
clients say

We are happy with the results of our clients – that’s why we do it. We love to support great organizations with realizing added value.


The best thing we got out of the training was gaining insight into the unconscious brain and the views of our customers.

Eric Bond


There was a lot of room for dialogue and feedback. It helped us to grow as a management team.

Tjeerd Hallema


Challenging, enlightening and educational!

Roelof Akse


Curiosity has been cultivated by the training sessions of, which led to a more conscious look at the common goal to be achieved.

Laila Hajioui

Martijn Schaap quote

Martijn Schaap on Customer Experience:

"Customer Experience shows all departments within a company how to focus on the customer and becoming more valuable. It's a distinguishing factor."

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Higher conversion rate, sustainable relationships, and more added value.
Leadership development

Leadership Development

Loyal colleagues, innovative actions, and an inspiring vision.

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Team & Culture Building

Effective communication, empathetic collaboration, and purposeful results.
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Sales Enablement

Improve your results with the ultimate sales process.
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Customer Experience

Customers start to experience you as a strategic partner.
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You decide the next step to success!

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The power of
Sales Training

How would you like it if your commercial results doubled? Or even Tripled? To get those results, you have to do something different. We teach you the right skills that you won’t get anywhere else.


True leadership isn’t in the job title but in your performance. You are responsible for your team’s results and have the most significant impact on those results. Are you ready to improve your leadership?

Team & Culture Building

The culture within your organization and team is fundamental for future success. How much time do you spend working on the effectiveness of your teams? How conscious are you of the present culture?

Next level
Sales Enablement

How do you ensure that sales, marketing, and management will actually work together? It requires an overarching organization and structure. Sales enablement will tie it all together: Processes, training, and application in your daily operation.

Customer Experience

Many employees within an organization are in contact with customers one way or another. Often from an operational point of view. They are an added value for an exceptional customer experience!

Open Training

Attending open training sessions is the way for a professional to develop yourself continually. Personal development, next-level leadership, and sales excellence – we’ve got something special for you!

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