5 tips for better meetings

There are many ways you and your team can have better meetings. Because let’s face it: don’t you want your meetings to be more productive, more effective and more efficient?

To make this happen, it’s time to take a look at you and your team’s meetings. What habits must be broken through? What non-conscious habits are currently present?

You’ll find a list of 5 short tips that you, along with your team, can start to implement to have better meetings.

Ready? Here they are.

1. Dedicate 15 minutes for preparations

Preparing for a great start is essential. That’s not any different when it comes to meetings. 15 minutes of preparation enables you to know exactly what you want to talk about.

2. Build a clear agenda, and follow it

5 tips betere meetings

This is a great follow-up of our previous point. You know which topics there are with a solid agenda. That way, you’ll get to the core of the topic much more easily.

3. Get better meetings with direct follow-ups

Take action right after the meeting is over. That’s why it is a good thing to immediately start with your agreements. By doing this, everything’s still fresh in your memory.

4. Communicatie your goals clearly

What concrete goals do you want to work towards? Make sure those are formulated as clearly as possible. Not just for your (potential) client, but for your own team as well. That’s how you get everyone to follow the same procedure.

5. Keep investing in a healthy meeting-culture!

If you start something, it helps to do this with energy. Having meetings is no different. If you all work on this, you’ll eventually get better meetings.

Want to know more about getting to your goals faster, easier, and quicker? And how to build a team and culture in which you can do that?

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Written by Stephan Annema, senior partner at MartijnSchaap.com.

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