The effects of music on body and mind

When do you listen to music? At home, during a workout, or maybe at work? And do you pick the music because you just like it, or are there some other factors that weigh in on your musical choices? You’ll learn here why we make these choices and what effects music has on your body and mind.

It’s logical that you enjoy certain music because of how it makes you feel. There is a very strong emotional connection between a certain piece of music, genre, or artist and how you feel at that specific moment.

It seems that the genres you listened to most often during the formative period of your puberty and adolescence still have a significant impact on your current music taste.You can always fall back on those genres, whether it’s the Spice Girls, Black Sabbath, or Tupac Shakur.

Effecten van muziek

What’s interesting is that the evolutionary power of music has been studied for years. Charles Darwin even has, in a few of his studies, researched the effects of music.

The question is quite simple, but also very expansive. “Why do I listen to certain music?”

The effects of music

The answer seems to be that we, as human beings, have been enjoying music (or other rhythmic sounds) for over 250,000 years. Mainly because it allows us to have an emotional connection with a specific feeling, situation, or event in our past or present.

Pick your music based on how you want to feel. Do you have a playlist that you associate with good feelings, going all-out, and rising above? Put that on often to prompt those same emotions and feelings!

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