New Year, New Goals?

If one thing has become clear in the past year, it’s that the world continually changes. No doubt, you have had to deal with a lot of factors that impacted your successes last year. The people you work with, or who you’ve decided to no longer work with, could have been an influence. New business, old businesses, or new partners.

In what way has the continually changing environment impacted the goals you have set? And what will be your new goals for 2023, and how are you going to achieve those? We’d like to present you with a few different goals to set. Three different kinds, actually.

#1 Long Term Goal

How do you see the world in a couple of year? Say, five to seven years? And how can you have a tangible impact on that?

The type of Goal that we propose to set, in our training sessions, is a real long-term Goal. A big Goal that will inspire colleagues and employees, because it motivates them to deliver a contribution to a greater common vision.

But: Make it tangible. If you can’t measure it, you can’t realize it. Do you have such a Goal yet? If not, start here. Start setting long-term Goals.

A favorite example is Elon Musk: With SpaceX, we’re going to Mars.

#2: Short Term Goals (a.k.a. Objectives)

Of course, after setting the long-term Goals, things have to happen on a day to day basis. That’s why it helps to have smaller goals, for every year or two. We also call these objectives, and they should be as concretely worded as the long-term Goal. These objectives also need to be measured if they’re to be achieved.

It makes sense to allow the tangible objectives to be a sub-set of the long-term Goal. You’d want to deliver a contribution to the long-term Goal, don’t you? However, if you’re going to go to Mars, you will have to have access to the right technologies, rockets, and funding. Those are examples of objectives that allow the long-term Goal to be achieved.

#3: Goals of Belief

The above mentioned Goals and Objectives will make sense to you. These are the most obvious. And when you first start setting Goals, these will be the ones that most people advise you about. However, from the point of view of and the methods we use, we know that both Goals and Objectives are utterly useless. At least – when you don’t attend to a different kind of goal first. That is a Goal of Belief.

What’s that about?

Well, your non-conscious beliefs are fundamental to the success you strive to achieve. Both for your old goals and the new goals. And if you’re not non-consciously convinced of the value of something, you will not apply yourself to realize that. If you don’t believe it, you won’t achieve it. Which is why we suggest that you set Goals of Belief. What do you non-consciously believe to be true? Do something with that, so it will aid you in the future.

For instance, do you have the believe that ‘setting goals does not work’? Teach yourself to adjust that belief, daily even, to become ‘A set goal will direct my activities, which enables me to reach success sooner’.

Or do you have the non-conscious belief that ‘you are done learning things at your age’ or ‘that you know everything you need to’? It would be better for you to adapt that belief to become ‘by learning and developing myself, I stay flexible and skilled’. This allows you to change gears when the flexibility of your surroundings requires it.

Do you maybe doubt your knowledge, skills, or capacity? Also non-conscious beliefs. Teach yourself to believe that ‘you are good enough, and I add value to everybody’.

Repeating these new beliefs daily is a very important and constructive step, as is reflecting on every positive experience that underlines these new beliefs. And for the Goals of Belief also counts that it should be a contribution to the achievement of the long-term Goals and the objectives set.

We are curious what your new Goals, objectives, and Goals of Belief will be in the coming period. Be sure to let us know!

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Written by Stephan Annema, partner at

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